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Native vs. Web game development: The past, and the future
Whether you focus on the early arcade games developed for arcade machines, or the later explosion of web hosted flash games (which populated my teenage childhood), games for both native and web platforms have been around for decades. There have been ...


The PC market is reviving, and so is Intel
After all, how does one compete against free Flash games? Say the Flash runtime is slow and buggy and battery draininig, while turning a blind eye to every single iphone game that happened to be slow, buggy, and or battery draining and when I was an ...

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4 Dragons Sudoku - Available for Mac now.
4 Dragons Sudoku (January 12th 2015) ? Ocean Media LLC, an Indie games development company, after months of aligning the numbers in a grid, proudly presents 4 Dragons Sudoku for Mac. Ocean Media continues to roll out line of "4 Dragons" games.

The new exercise craze is working out your brain. Here's how.
Wilkes Barre Times-Leader
Games, whether on a board, your computer or mobile device, can also help you stay mentally active through reasoning and decision-making. And once you've roped your friends into ... Keep doing those crosswords or Sudoku. Pick up a few books with these ...

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