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The Story of Transformice: the 60 million players indie game
Gamasutra (blog)
At this point, we knew we had to take a decision: leave our full-time jobs and create a company to take care of the game (which already generated some income), or kill it entirely because we didn't have enough free time for its needs. Obviously, we ...

Student creates Online Gaming and Development platform Plasis Games
The site has 30 from free flash game providers (with another 2500+ to process - not monetised) 30 from a HTML5 game development company - PlayCityInc (with 30 to process and more to source when needed - all monetised)?. ?The publishing platform/online ...

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Scottish Daily Record

Try your hand at our new daily puzzles and brain teasers
Scottish Daily Record
Look no further - we have a great selection of daily puzzles for you to try your hand at. From crosswords and Sudoku to word searches and brain teasers - we've got plenty to keep you entertained. We'll bring you various new challenges on a daily basis, ...

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Puzzles and Games
1) Citrus fruit 5) Backward parts? 10) Hit a baseball long and far 14) "Move" or "cash" followers 15) Noted Swiss miss 16) Privileged person 17) Heavenly hit from the '50s 19) Precisely (with "to") 20) Polar wear 21) Cash dispensers? 23) Lengths of ...

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