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Facebook Flash Games: Red Crucible, Contract Wars, Guitar Flash
The Fuse Joplin
Also they are mostly free and have only some in game microtransactions that help players unlock various perks easier. They can still be played for free and money purchases are required which explains why they are so popular. All of them offer endless ...

Adobe Flash Player 11 for Android available for download with new features
This is the free version of the browser and comes with some annoying ads. However, you can easily access flash content from websites and enjoy all sites that rely on flash solely. Streaming and even playing some flash games becomes very simple with ...

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Strategy plus math equals Make a 9
About ten years ago, the numerical game Sudoku became an overnight sensation. It required players to fill a series of boxes with the numbers 1-9, with some or most of the boxes empty. Players thrived on strategy, quick wits, and the perseverance needed ...

Game Informer (blog)

Celebrate The Nintendo DS' 10th Birthday With A Look Back At Its 25 Best Games
Game Informer (blog)
An addictive puzzler in the vein of Sudoku and Minesweeper, Picross 3D challenges players to chip away cubes from a larger block to crate an image (like a dog, rocket ship, etc.). This title moves the concept into 3D, producing more challenging and ...

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