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Student creates Online Gaming and Development platform Plasis Games
The site has 30 from free flash game providers (with another 2500+ to process - not monetised) 30 from a HTML5 game development company - PlayCityInc (with 30 to process and more to source when needed - all monetised)?. ?The publishing platform/online ...

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Video Game Hall of Fame Finalists Revealed
Like quite a few people on here I too believe Angry Birds shouldn't be on the list; There were flash games years before it that did the same thing and for free. The rest of the games however deserve a spot as each were influential in their own way ...

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Puzzles and Games
1) Cheery sounds 5) Asian nurse 9) Pet protection org. 14) Polish prose 15) "Contendere" preceder 16) Word-insertion mark 17) "Star Wars" sage 18) Gaming first-timer 19) "I Got ___" (Croce tune) 20) What river rats do to sharpen their teeth? 23) Tummy ...

How to keep your brain sharp
New Zealand Herald
Keeping your brain sharp requires more than just a game of Sudoku each day, says an expert holding a public talk in Auckland tomorrow. Dr Jim Stinear, of the University of Auckland's Department of Sport and Exercise Science, will explain how not ...

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