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Why Am I Dead At Sea Has A Similar Art Style To Earthbound
For ideas, I looked at other free Flash games that were around at the time, which I thought were doing really interesting things. One game in particular was ?I wish I were the Moon?, made in 2008. In it, you were able to use a camera frame to move ...

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Glorkian Warrior: The Trials of Glork - Gleep Glop Floopdy Doop
The humor is simplistic and random, the gameplay is one dimensional, and the style is very bare. During my time playing this game, all I could think was that this is no better than the countless free browser-based flash games you can find on a site ...

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Sudoku in Space - Cosmic Puzzles | NewsWatch Review
Given the broad selection of games we have had the pleasure of reviewing here at NewsWatch, we are quite familiar with the reward found in challenging puzzle games. Here is an app that puts a new spin on ever popular puzzle game, Sudoku. It's called ...

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An Intergalactic Version of Sudoku Was Featured on NewsWatch Television
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The classic game of Sudoku was originally created in 1892. And since then, millions of people have tested their brains in these logic games. Well, there a new application that puts a new spin on the age-old puzzle game. It's called Sudoku in Space and ...

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